PTRC is a registered voluntary organization working on the issue of Occupational Safety and Health. It was registered in 1992 under Societies Registration Act and Bombay Public Trust Act. It is also Registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act.

Even before PTRC was registered in 1992,various activities were carried out to generate awareness and attract wider public attention towards occupational health and safety problems through Vyavsaik Syasthya Suraksha Mandal,a group of industrial workers, since 1986.When we realized the need for sustained efforts at various industrial centers in Gujarat, PTRC was born. Major role played by PTRC is to train shop floor workers in occupational safety & health and HIV/AIDS. It also imparts adolescent education in school. Till now PTRC has trained over 500 shop floor workers and trade union activities from all over the State in occupational safety & health. It has imparted information on HIV/AIDS to over 25,000 industrial workers and given adolescence education to over 3000 students n schools in Baroda.

Another major activity is publication of newsletter and documentation. First issue of the Gujarati newsletter on OSH-Kamdar,Vyavsay,Swasthya -was published in 1988.Renamed as SALAMATI in 1999,till March 2006,82 issues have been published. It is distributed widely all over Gujarat, among workers, Trade Unionists, Safety Unionists, Safety Professionals, Govt.Officers, journalists, NGOs, social activists and academicians.

Gujarat is an industrially developed state with more than 24,000 registered factories employing over one million workers. There are 1250 major accidents hazards (MAH) units in India , out of which of Gujarat accounts for 28%.Majority of registered factories are chemicals unints in country. A part from workers working in organized sector large population is engaged in agriculture, construction and other economic activities. Again there is large service sector like health, education, banking, insurance, local self government, commerce and distribution which do not have any legal protection for occupational safety and health. Rate of accidents at work is very high by any standard. Not data for any occupational diseases official exist. PTRC was formed to address these issues. It also intended to work on other important aspects of workers life. Since last 4 years PTRC has started working on HIV/AIDS also.

PTRC Registration Details

Registration no. under Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950:
F/3189/Ahmedabad, Date: 30-11-92

Registration under Societies Registration Act, 1860:
Guj/3315/Ahmedabad, Date: 30-11-92

Registration under Section 12 - A (a) of Income Tax Act, 1961:
HQ.III/32(p-2)/94-95/AR-8, Date: 01-04-94

Registration under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 1976:
041960117, Date: 12-10-2001


  • Mission : Improve Worker's life Standards.
  • Vision : Improvement in Health Standard can be brought about through education and training.
  • Focus : Justice to victims of Occupational and other fatal diseases through various activities.